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Sanitary High Pressure Pump

Solution for sanitary transfer of fluid with pressure in food, chemical and drug applications. The Genizer Sanitary High Pressure Pump can work with liposome extrusion for preparation of liposomes and lipopolyplex for drug and gene delivery.
Catalog Number: Cat. Sanitary High Pressure Pump
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  • Compliance:
    None IQ/OQ FDA 21CFR CIP/SIP Explosion-Proof
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  • Description
Sanitary pump up to 2,000 bar with sanitary grade.
Sanitary delivery of liquids
Pressure pump for liposome extrusion
Digital display of pressure, temperature, flow rate, volume and time.
Accurate control of flow rate and speed.
Sanitary, GMP compatible, made of  FDA-approved materials.
CE and RoHS compliant.
Catalog No. Pressure(bar) Flow Rate Min. Volume  Power Dimensions/Weight
HandPump-2000 2000bar 25mL/min 1mL Hand Drive 25×40×20cm/15kg
HandPump-1000 1000bar 30mL/min 2.5mL Hand Drive 25×40×20cm/15kg
HandPump-800 800bar 50mL/min 2.5mL Hand Drive 25×40×20cm/15kg
HandPump-600 600bar 100mL/min 4mL Hand Drive 25×40×20cm/15kg
HandPump-300 300bar 100mL/min 4mL Hand Drive 25×40×20cm/15kg
NanoPump-1500 1500bar 6L/hr 20mL 110V/220V 85×40×36cm/60kg
NanoPump-1000 1000bar 8L/hr 20mL 110V/220V 85×40×36cm/60kg
NanoPump-800 800bar 10L/hr 20mL 110V/220V 85×40×36cm/60kg
NanoPump-600 600bar 18L/hr 50mL 110V/220V 85×40×36cm/55kg
NanoPump-300 300bar        30L/hr 100mL 110V/220V 85×40×36cm/50kg
PilotPump-1500 1500bar 20L/hr 100mL 220V/380V/440V 120×60×40cm/120kg
PilotPump-1000 1000bar 25L/hr 100mL 220V/380V/440V 120×60×40cm/120kg
PilotPump-800 800bar 30L/hr 100mL 220V/380V/440V 120×60×40cm/120kg
PilotPump-600 600bar 60L/hr 200mL 220V/380V/440V 120×60×40cm/120kg
PilotPump-300 300bar        80L/hr 200mL 220V/380V/440V 120×60×40cm/120kg
ProdPump-1500 1500bar 80L/hr 200mL 380V/440V 140×70×40cm/200kg
ProdPump-1000 1000bar 100L/hr 200mL 380V/440V 140×70×40cm/200kg
ProdPump-800 800bar 120L/hr 200mL 380V/440V 140×70×40cm/200kg
ProdPump-600 600bar 180L/hr 400mL 380V/440V 140×70×40cm/200kg
ProdPump-300 300bar        200L/hr 400mL 380V/440V 140×70×40cm/200kg
Tips: The dimensions and cost of High Pressure Pump are proportional to the pressure and flow rate, while inversely proportional to the stroke frequency. The slow stroke takes advantage of slower abrasion and pressure stability; however, a stronger intensifier and cylinder are required. The titanium high pressure cylinder is recommended for applications in high-corrosion conditions, such as strong acid and base. Note: the dimensions, structure and parameters should be subject to the final product.
Standard Features
Parts 1 Diamond interaction chamber
Control System High pressure programming control systems: touch screen, speed control, auto stop control by volume, time, pressure or temperature, settable volume control as low as 1 mL, display of flow rate and time, overload protection
Pressure Gauge Electric
Inlet Type 1" tri-clamp
Outlet Type 1" tri-clamp
Inlet Reservoir 50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL syringe; 500mL/1L/2L stainless cylinder
Outlet Reservoir 50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL syringe; 500mL/1L/2L stainless cylinder
Product Material 316L stainless steel, tungsten carbide, viton, teflon
Material Standard Sanitary grade, FDA, GMP
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Parts High pressure extruders, homogenizing valves, heat exchanger
Control System Tradition mechanical controls: speed, start, stop control; FDA 21CFR Compliance; Explosion-Proof
Detector Pressure gauge, pressure transducer, temperature transducer
Outlet type 2" tri-clamp or luer
Inlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, stainless steel cylinder, open container, tank or online
Outlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, stainless steel cylinder, open container, tank or online
Cylinder Titanium high pressure cylinder (resistant to strong acid and base)