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NanoPump (Sanitary Stainless)

Sanitary NanoPump is used for sanitary transfer of laboratory sample of fluid with pressure
Catalog Number: Cat. NanoPump
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  • Pressure:
    300bar 500bar 600bar 800bar 1000bar 1200bar 1500bar 2000bar
  • Flow Rate:
    25mL/min 30mL/min 50mL/min 60mL/min 100mL/min 120mL/min 8L/hr 10L/hr 18L/hr 30L/hr
  • Compliance:
    None IQ/OQ FDA 21CFR CIP/SIP Explosion-Proof
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Sanitary Piston Pump to 2,000 bar with electric power and controllable flow.
Sanitary delivery of liquids
Pressure pump in liposome extrusion
Small (integrated design delivers the light weight and small dimensions)
Smart (programming control systems confer diligent functions)
Silent (noiseless performance with high-energy efficiency)
Strong (more than 30 L/hr at 300 bar)
CE compliant and RoHS compliant
Catalog No. NanoPump-1500 NanoPump-1000 NanoPump-800  NanoPump-600 NanoPump-300
Flow rate 6L/hr 8L/hr 10L/hr 18L/hr 30L/hr
Min. Volumn 20mL 20mL 20mL 50mL 100mL
Max. Pressure 1500bar  1000bar 800bar 600bar 300bar
Dimensions(cm) 75 × 40 × 35 75 × 40 × 35 75 × 40 × 35 75 × 40 × 35  75 × 40 × 35
Weight 40 kg (85 lbs) 40 kg (85 lbs) 40 kg (85 lbs) 40 kg (85 lbs) 40 kg (85 lbs)
Max. Temp. 80ºC (176ºF)
Power 110V/220V
Cleaning Flush to clean/CIP/SIP
Application Stainless pump, sanitary pumping of the liquid in pharmaceutical or biological applications
Features Digital display of pressure or pressure gauge
Standard Features
Parts 1 Diamond interaction chamber
Control System High pressure programming control systems: touch screen, speed control, auto stop control by volume, time, pressure or temperature, settable volume control as low as 1 mL, display of flow rate and time, overload protection
Pressure Gauge Electric
Inlet Type 1" tri-clamp
Outlet Type 1" tri-clamp
Inlet Reservoir 50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL syringe; 500mL/1L/2L stainless cylinder
Outlet Reservoir 50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL syringe; 500mL/1L/2L stainless cylinder
Product Material 316L stainless steel, tungsten carbide, viton, teflon
Material Standard Sanitary grade, FDA, GMP
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Parts High pressure extruders, homogenizing valves, heat exchanger
Control System Tradition mechanical controls: speed, start, stop control; FDA 21CFR Compliance; Explosion-Proof
Detector Pressure gauge, pressure transducer, temperature transducer
Outlet Type 2" tri-clamp or luer
Inlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, tank or online
Outlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, tank or online
Cylinder Titanium high pressure cylinder (resistant to strong acid and base)
Varieties of Inlet and Outlet for NanoPump
Inlet: syringe; open container; stainless steel cylinder
Outlet: syringe; open container; stainless steel cylinder
High Pressure Homogenizer Inlet and Outlet

Disassemble the seal
Disassemble the seal

Assemble the seal
Assemble the seal


Pressure and chamber selection for various applications with NanoGenizer
Cells Mammalian cell
Mammalian cell
Insect cellInsect cell Bacteria cellBacteria cell Yeast cellYeast cell Algae cellAlgae cell Spore
Sample CHO|Hela Sf9|Sf21|H5 E. Coli   Yeast Green algae Ganoderma
Pressure 600-800bar   8500-11500psi 600-1000bar 8500-14500psi 800-1000bar 11500-14500psi 1200-1400bar 17500-20000psi 1200-1500bar 7500-21500psi 1300-1600bar 18500-23000psi
Chamber F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y

Emulsions Oil in water emulsions
Fat emulsion
Water in oil emulsionsCosmetics Oil emulsionFuel FoodMilk Liposome (o/w)Liposome (o/w) Liposome (w/o)
Sample Fat emulsion Cosmetics Fuel Milk DOX DNA|lipopolyplex
Pressure ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~8,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y

Dispersions Pigments
Inks, Coatings
CreamsCreams BatteryLithium/Solar cell Particle aggregationNano fibril GrapheneGraphene Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes
Sample Inks, Coatings Creams Lithium/Solar cell Nano fibril Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
Pressure ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y
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