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Electronic Temperature Transmitter for High Pressure Application

Description: Sanitary High Pressure Gauge for High Pressure Homogenizer of 45,000psi as well as other pressure measurement up to 60,000psi. Advantage: Lower Dead Volume for Sanitary application and pressure response
Produktnummer: Cat. GTT-150Mpa
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  • Beschreibung
Catalog No. G58000  
Description Sanitary High Pressure Gauge   
Pressure Range 0-58,000psi (400Mpa)  
Standard Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects    
Dimensions A x B x C 13cm x 5cm x 10cm                                   
Weight 1 lbs. (0.5kg)                                                  
Accuracy ±1.6%                                                              
Connection D .25" cone (F)   
Application ≤ 58,000 psi homogenizer  
Price $499.00  
Standard Features
Materials Sanitary 316 Stainless Steel
Compatibility Homogenizer in Microfluidizer, Avestin, BEEI and other manufactures
Other Features Dual-scale reading in psi and MPa
Material standard Compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Connection 1/4″ HP coupling, 3/8″ HP coupling, High Pressure Tees